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Software » Songpress » News » Songpress 1.7 released

Songpress 1.7 released

We are happy to release a new version of Songpress!

The most important change in Songpress 1.7 is under the wood: we modernized our framewok, by upgrading our code to run on Python 3 and and wxPython 4 (Phoenix) series. This change allows Songpress to take advantage of improvements of the language and the libraries, and makes it easier to run Songpress on recent platforms (especially Linux and, maybe, mac os).

The visible new features or Songpress 1.7 are the following.

  • improved SVG export: now font spacing is perfect, thanks to an improved SVG support by the wxWidgets library requested for Songpress
  • you can now export your song as a karaoke-like PowerPoint presentation
  • added spanish translation, thanks to Miguel Dell'Uomini
  • some bugs have been fixed, as usual

Shortly after the relase of Songpress 1.7 we released Songpress 1.7.1 and 1.7.2, which fix some bugs.