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Software » Songpress » News » Songpress 1.8 released

Songpress 1.8 released

We are happy to release a new version of Songpress!

Songpress 1.8 comes with new long-awaited features:

  • Text formatting: font face, size and color of lyrics and chords may be changed, according to [Chordpro specifications (
  • Song subtitle: you may add a subtitle below the song title
  • Export as text file: your songs may be exported as simple text (TXT/TAB) files, with chord above lyrics
  • Songpress portable: as an additional distribution format, we provide a portable version of Songpress. No installation required! Just unzip and run Songpress.exe.
  • German translation by Axel Schneider
  • Refined chord notations: German/Scandinavian and Traditional German have been differentiated

Have a happy Easter!